16 January 2022

Deburring Steel

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Constructions, especially ones that deal with metals, involve a lot of cutting. It leaves rough and protruding ages, which, if left untendered, might lead to serious injuries. From plasma to laser and water jet cutting, it needs straightening and perfecting. Fabricators use the deburring steel to remove the rough edges of the metal corners and surfaces.

Q-FIN Deburring Machines

There are different sets of machines for deburring steel. They are different sets based on specification and usage. The ultimate set brings together the F12000 and the F200XL, which combines both metal deburring and grinding. Other sets include the superior set (F1500 and WES6000) and the Advanced set (F1200 and WES6000).

There are also the expert set (F600 and WES6000) and the Pro-Set (F200 XL and WES3000). The main difference is the width of the metal, with the superior services the largest.

Why Deburring is Essential in Metal Works

  • It makes metal processing easier – with smooth edges, working with the steel becomes easier and faster.
  • Avoid injuries – sharp edges can lead to deep cuts, especially pointed steel. Deburring either remove them or smoothens the surface to avoid injuries.

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