16 January 2022

How can video streaming services improve their video quality?

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Recently streaming services like Netflix and YouTube have indicated that the quality of video streams is temporarily going down, because they are afraid of capacity problems at the internet providers. This has everything to do with the fact that many more people have been at home since the corona pandemic. In this article I will explain how a streaming service can still improve the quality of their video streaming. 

Replay TV

The people who use video streaming services have more than generally high expectations. They not only expect the quality of the videos to be of good quality, but also that they can watch the videos whenever they want. People like to watch the videos when it suits them. It is therefore important to have Replay TV for service providers. This allows you to offer customers the opportunity to watch videos whenever they want.


More and more people are using streaming services. In the beginning of this development, a lot of streaming was mainly through television.  However, customers are increasingly using mobile devices to stream videos. They expect the quality of the streaming on mobile devices to be of the same quality as on television. So they expect the wiFi to work well even as the internet. To meet these expectations as a streaming service, it is important to use managed WiFi (for) service providers.

All in all there are multiple ways to meet the expectations of customers. As a streaming service it is important to meet all those expectations. Otherwise the customers will leave your company for another streaming service. 

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