16 January 2022

How does air transport work

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The most common form of transport is by road or sea. But what if products and goods need to be shipped very fast? Then air shipping is the solution! This way, goods are transported by airplane and often arrive in the country of arrival the very next day. But how exactly does air transport work? We want to tell you all about this in this article!

When air transport?

Air transport is becoming very popular, as it is a way to transport goods with speed and efficiency. Products that are mostly transported by planes, are different types of foods that can spoil quickly. Think for example of dairy products, but also fruit and vegetables. Furthermore, a lot of medicine and products for hospitals are transported by plane. This also applies to patient samples, such as blood or plasma. This products need to be transported very fast, while being cooled. Airplanes have, therefore, special cooling boxes. Once the goods arrive at the place of destination, the carrier will arrange the pick-up and delivery. Mostly, goods need to be transported from the airport, by trucks to warehouses or people’s homes.


Furthermore, transport by plane is very efficient. This is because, first of all, aircrafts have a large cargo space, which makes it possible to transport a lot of goods. Furthermore, the cargo space is equipped with Unit Load Device. These are special boxes that fill the space of an airplane optimally. The ULD containers also ensure that the goods and products that are being transported, don’t move during the transport. The boxes keep the goods safe in their place. On cargo aircraft, ULD’s are often used in combination with netted pallets. During the flight the ULD’s are often secured by means of straps and fittings.

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