16 January 2022

How to write the perfect job description

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Writing a job description is not that easy. You want potential candidates to get excited about your company, products or services and culture at the firm, which requires adding lots of information. On the other side, the catch is that an overload of probably irrelevant information for the time being is presented to them. This could result in people not reading the job description and consequently not applying at all. As a company, you want to avoid this at all costs, since hiring the best candidates is in your best interest. So, how should you write an eye-catching, interesting and informing job description? Check it out below!

Do: be excited about the brand

As an HR manager or recruiter, you are probably excited about working for the company you’re writing a job description for. Make sure that excitement is visible in it as well! How else should someone become enthusiastic if it doesn’t spark off the text? Show your brand personality as this is the way to stand out from the crowd. The job description should also include the brand tone-of-voice and the way it communicates with its customers and clients. If the description matches your brand personality perfectly, you will automatically attract the right people.

Don’t: be too wordy

It is understandable that you want to incorporate as much as information as possible: the more a candidate knows about the company, the better informed he or she is you might think. Nevertheless, that is not how it works unfortunately: the longer a job description is, the higher the chances are that a suitable candidate stops reading it at some point. You should therefore keep it skimmable: make sure the most relevant information is present and that someone can understand what he or she is applying by just skimming the text. Textmetrics offers help to write the perfect description and gives you real time suggestions to improve the text. You can find more information by visiting this website.

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