27 November 2021

Managing your own company

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Starting a Dutch company, but how do you actually do this? How do you start? These are the questions many starting entrepreneurs ask themselves. Perhaps a short step-by-step plan can prepare you to start your own business. Read on quickly to make it easier for yourself, good luck!

Step 1: choose legal form

This step is actually taken before you register. Often people will say that step 1 is registering, but when you start registering, you must have already thought about the fact what kind of company you will be. Will you become a sole proprietorship? A private company? There will be several legal forms, so think about that carefully.

Step 2: register

I just indicated that this had to be done. This visit to the so called ‘Kamer van Koophandel’ (Kvk) us a compulsory expense for (almost) everyone who starts their own business. To start your business, the company must be registered in the ‘Trade Register’. This must be done no later than one week after you started. I would prefer registering before you even start, that takes some stress away. It’s very easily done, just make an appointment via the website.

Anyone who can really serve as an intermediary, but Intercompany Solutions is the right company to go with. This company can completely take care of these kinds of concerns for you. They can also help with the paperwork, financial matters and other things that come with this. For more information, just visit the website: intercompanysolutions.com

Step 3: making a business plan

New entrepreneurs often dread writing a business plan. However, when you take this task very seriously, you will only benefit from this. This way you can map out various things, such as: business opportunities, identifying risks, staying informed of relevant market developments, knowing who your potential customers are, impressing investors and probably more. The more benefit you want to get out of your business plan is of course entirely up to you and your business plan.

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