16 January 2022

Reasons to rent a car in holland

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If you are visiting the Netherlands, it is a very good idea to rent a car. This article dives into the reasons behind that, so we will go into it right away.

The infrastructure is great

The small yet well kept country has a very good infrastructure. This means that when you rent a car in Holland, it is very easy to visit all the places that might interest you even in the slightest. Say that, for example, you want to see the cities of Arnhem, The Hague and Amsterdam all in a few days? With public transport this can be a hassle because of navigation and walking distances, but with your own rental car you can simple cruise down to the hotspots and enjoy. You could even try to visit multiple cities in a single day!

The rental cars are of good quality

Because there are lots of laws in the Netherlands to protect consumers and ensure safety, you can expect your rental car to be in great condition. Not only because the law forces the rental companies to keep their cars in good and safe condition, but also because there is quite a bit of competition amongst the rental companies themselves. This helps you as a consumer because it lowers the price of rental cars as well as make sure that the companies offer good products in order to compete with others.

It is a very flat country, so the sights are amazing

There are few countries in the world which are as flat as the Netherlands. This means that, when driving along, you can often see very far off into the distance. This makes for very fun and adventurous feeling car rides, even though the country itself is actually pretty small!

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