27 November 2021

SEO techniques from the past revisited

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In a world where everyone is active on the internet, online marketing is also an important sector. By being more visible on the internet you ensure that you do business online successfully. As a result, we see the online marketing agencies multiplying rapidly around us. Online marketing is timeless. Google’s algorithm has adapted over the years. As a result, certain SEO techniques are outdated. Yet there are still old techniques that still work well. We have tested and looked at some of these techniques and they still seem to work. You can remove meta keywords, but the techniques below still work fine!

Link building

Google sees a link from an external website to your website as recommendations. The more recommendations a website has, the better Google trusts the website. Placing links to your website is easy to manipulate. By link building, placing unique, relevant and high-quality links to your website, you can improve the authority of your website. More confidence means higher positions within the search engine. This is a great old school way of Search Engine Optimization

Doorway pages

Doorway pages are web pages created for the purpose of manipulating the search engine deliberately. A doorway page affects a search engine’s index by inserting results for certain phrases while sending visitors to another page. A good example of doorway pages are location specific pages for certain services. For example, an online marketing company that wants to be found on digital agency in combination with a location can be found at different locations. For example, the company creates a page optimized on Digital agency New York. The company creates this same page for Digital agency Chicago with a slightly modified text. The pages are only accessible from a main page or from the footer. This age-old SEO technique still works very well!

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