27 November 2021

Used Generator Sets

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Used generator sets

Purchasing a new generator can be costly, especially if the buyer is not financially sound. However, there are very many used generator sets that can serve the purpose at a reasonable price. All the generators are from renowned brands and are well serviced to give the best output.

Our Stock List

Valmet 612 DSG

It is a UC 274C model generator with 74,5 KVA running on a 400 voltage. Its engine is mechanical and a has water-cooled exhaust system. Total weight is 1532kgs.

Used generator sets

Detroit Diesel

These used generator sets are the most common in the market. The standard 3 generators include:-

  • 4-71T – it is a 140 HP engine with a KVA of 125/140 and can do well on either 220, 400 or 450 voltage. The governor is mechanical and has a dry exhaust and turbo system.
  • 8V-92TA – it is a 460 HP engine with a relatively larger RPM (1800). It runs on a 3 phase electrical governor with a dry turbo and exhaust system. It weighs 2470kgs.
  • 12V-71T – a 400HP hydraulic generator running on a 380KVA and a 255/440 voltage. The flywheel is 18 inch and weighs 1755kgs. It also has an expansion tank, skids and has an air starter.

Mitsubishi S6A PTA

It is a 360 HP generator with 300KVA running on either a 280 or 380 voltage. The frequency is 50Hz with an electric governor. It has a panel, skids but does not have a soundproof box.

Used generator sets

Caterpillar 3406C

It has 269KVA, runs on a 380volts and a current of 408A. The turbo and cooling system is water-cooled and has an expansion tank with but no raw water pump.
Other used generator sets brands include the MWM G234V12, MAN Do836 LE201, Baudouin 12P15 SCE and Perkins 3054